World’s Most Expensive Water Costs $900,000 A Bottle

Water is the most precious liquid on earth. Every living creature needs water to survive. But for the wealthy, ordinary water just won’t quench their thirst. Just like everything else that they wear, touch, ride on, live in, eat and drink, a basic need like water must be something fancy enough such that the rest of the world could not afford to get their hands on.

There have been plenty of designer water out there. Some sourced from the most secluded of locations while others contained in the most exquisite bottles made of precious materials and bedecked with jewels. However, all of them will not match the superiority of the Aurum 79.

At $900,000 per bottle, the Aurum 79 is currently the world’s most expensive bottled water. The bottle alone is crafted from the finest crystal glass and adorned with pure 24-carat gold and embedded with a total of 113 dazzling diamonds.

If the container is that precious, the contents is equally desirable. Each Aurum 79 bottle is filled with 500ml of pure spring water sourced from St. Leonhard Germany.  As if its purity is not good enough, the water is further enhanced with edible pure gold flakes.

Aurum 79 will be unveiled at the upcoming Big Boy Toys Exhibition in United Arab Emirates on January 2013. Some of the world’s richest people are expected to attend so if you want a bottle of Aurum 79, better be there. Only 3 bottles will be up of grabs!

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