World’s most expensive table runs Windows 7 and costs $18,000

If ordinary tables with hardwood or tempered glass tops do not catch your fancy, you might want to look at Ideum’s MT55 Platform multitouch table. The 31″ tall table features a 55″ 1080p display screen on top capable of recognizing up to 32 different touch inputs at once.

That simply means 16 different people can use the multitouch screen at once with both their hands without the device running berserk. It runs Windows 7 along with a slew of custom software that makes use of the table’s unique touch capabilities. If the standard 8 GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 processor is too slow for your taste, you can upgrade to an even quicker i7 processor upon request.

You and your friends can have fun with Ideum’s MT55 Platform multitouch table if you have $18,000 to spare.

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