World’s largest plasma TV can be yours for only $1 million

If you are looking for a TV set that will go well with your newly furbished entertainment hall, you might want to look at Panasonic’s 152″ TH-152UX1W plasma television. Yes, you need a hall to fit this massive television, which is equivalent to nine 50″ sets stacked in a three by three grid. Panasonic usually sells this model for commercial applications such as airports and theme parks. But if you can afford its steep price tag of $958,000, I’m assuming that you have the space for it.

The TH-152UX1W is Panasonic’s first commercially available 4K2K display, occupying the high end of the emerging 4K TV standard, and is capable of displaying 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. It’s also a 3D TV but you have to pay extra for an optional transmitter and 3D glasses.

And by the way, your local appliance center doesn’t carry this item.  You might want to check out upscale British retailer Harrods’ electronics department if you want one.

One comment on “World’s largest plasma TV can be yours for only $1 million

  1. Wow! one million? Even if I am the only person who doesn’t have this TV, I wouldn’t waste/spend my one million for a triple sized television when I am satisfied with my 21″ TV at home. Although, it really is a hugh TV and can allow tens to twenties to watch at a time. I would rather choose a theatre.. hehehe…

    Great article though, hope you would continue posting related articles about telelvision as I am a TV enthusiast as well… :)

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