Wendy’s Offers Foie Gras Burger in Japan

Ohio-based fast food chain Wendy’s is offering more than just regular burgers and fries when it re-opened its Tokyo store.  After its almost two-year hiatus in Japan, the fast food chain re-opened this week in the Ometsando district of Tokyo, with new and fancy items on its menu.

Known for its fashionable shops and highbrow environment, the new menu, which includes the $16 foie gras (French for “fat liver” of either the duck or goose) burger and Avocado Wasabi hamburger, feels right at home at the Ometsando district. Completing the fancy offerings are the Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken sandwich and the irini rolled cake.

Wendy’s was one of the popular fast food chains in Japan until it closed down in February 2010. With the new agreement with Higa Industries Co., the hamburger store aims to provide consumers with more choices by offering new items aside from the traditional and well-loved Wendy’s products.

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