TAG Heuer releases $6400 smartphone

Luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has released the LINK smartphone in time for the holiday season. However, only the well-heeled can afford to fill Christmas stockings with this high-tech beauty which has a starting price of $6400!

According to TAG, each LINK smartphone is “carefully constructed using expert watchmaking techniques and technological components.” It comes in full calfskin leather and two “sportier” versions in red or black carbon leather with textured surfaces that are hand stitched in “contrasting red or light grey.”

The inside is not to be outdone. The phones are made of shockproof materials and come with a 1Ghz processor, 3.5” damage-resistant Gorilla glass screen, 5MP camera, 11 hours of music playback and with TAG Heuer screen designs, widgets, animations, wallpapers, icons and ring tones.

Furthermore, the pricey mobile also comes with built in mobile security powered by Kaspersky. According to Kaspersky Lab spokesman Andrew Mamonitis, “You wouldn’t want to lose a TAG Heuer LINK smartphone, so TAG Heuer Mobile Security allows users to locate a lost or stolen smartphone using the GPS Find function, store all digital assets in encrypted folders, and remotely block or wipe the smartphone if it is lost or stolen.”

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