Marchi Mobile launches $3 million mobile home

Austrian luxury vehicle maker Marchi Mobile announces the latest addition to its mobile home line, the Elemment Palazzo. The 40′ long and incredibly spacious mobile mansion is packed with features and state of the art amenities that are not seen on your regular run of the mill campers and RVs.

Some of the impressive features of the Elemment Palazzo are the Master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, a fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge, and a couch area that turns into a stylish bar furniture with a simple push of a button. The interiors, done in luxurious leather, set a minimalistic but classy vibe punctuated by modern fixtures.

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BMW is top luxury seller of 2011

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s BMW is named as the top luxury brand in the United States for 2011 after outselling Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz last month.

BMW’s total 2011 sales is recorded at 247,907,  outselling Mercedes by 2,715 vehicles. According to Ludwig Willisch, chief executive of BMW of North America, “BMW Group sales momentum has been increasing all year and this new burst of consumer confidence filled our dealer showrooms, putting BMW ‘over the top.’

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Wendy’s Offers Foie Gras Burger in Japan

Ohio-based fast food chain Wendy’s is offering more than just regular burgers and fries when it re-opened its Tokyo store.  After its almost two-year hiatus in Japan, the fast food chain re-opened this week in the Ometsando district of Tokyo, with new and fancy items on its menu.

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Six New Luxury Vehicles Added To 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick List

Mercedes-Benz's M ClassWhile 115 cars made the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick list this year, just six of them were new additions (or reappearances) in the luxury categories.

Mercedes-Benz’s M Class is a new addition for 2012, having skipped 2011. The previous 2009-2010 models had made the list, but the 2011 model didn’t, despite earning top marks of “good” in front and side impact crash tests.

Next is the BMW X3, which rejoins the list after being left off since 2009, though like the M-Class, intervening year models also scored “good” in all tests. The Acura MDX also sees the same result, once again a Top Safety Pick after being off the list since 2009.

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