Nike to launch the most expensive sneakers to date

Sporting goods giant Nike is set to release its most expensive sneaker ever, the LeBron X, this fall.  The $315-a-pair athletic footwear is the tenth in a series of sneakers bearing MBA star LeBron James’ name. For comparison, its most recent descendant, the LeBron 9, only costs $170 a pair.

James first used the LeBron X during the 2012 gold medal basketball game between the United States and Spain at the London Olympics. The sneakers feature a golden swoosh on the sides and motion sensors that measure exactly how high the wearer jumps.
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iPhone 4 Diamond Rose $8 million

Stuart Hughes designed the world s most expensive Phone iPhone 4 Diamond Rose priced at £5,000,000 or 8 million Stuart Hughes designed the world s most expensive Phone iPhone 4 Diamond Rose priced at £5,000,000 or 8 million Exclusive elite gadgets maker Stuart Hughes designed the Diamond Rose iPhone 4 , touted as the world’s most expensive phone priced at £5,000,000 ($8 million). The phone is set with 500 flawless diamonds which total over 100 carats surrounding the bezel. The phone’s sides and back are clad entirely in rose gold.D2P3G8NFMPBG

The main navigation button at the front is made from platinum upon which a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond is embedded. A rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond can be used on the button in case the customer is not into pink diamonds. The Apple logo at the back is encrusted with 53 diamonds.
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Newport, Rhode Island – Most Expensive American Destination

A new survey from reveals that Newport, Rhode Island is the United States’ most expensive destination when it comes to hotel accommodation costs. According to the survey, which compared hotel rates for all destinations in the USA for the period of June through August 2012, visitors to Newport will have to shell out, on average, $319 per night to stay in the cheapest available double room. At this price tag, the Rhode Island resort is living up to its nickname, “Queen of the Summer Resorts,”

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World’s most expensive home has 27 floors and costs £1.2 billion to build

Located in the posh Altamount Road in Mumbai, India, the world’s most expensive residence belongs to Mukesh Ambani, a 53-year-old business tycoon and the fourth wealthiest man in the world. He shares the quaint 27-storey luxury abode with his wife Nita, their three kids and his mother.

Named Antilla, after a mythical rectangular island thought by medieval sailors to exist in the Atlantic, the towering home is reported to have cost £1.2 billion to build. It was designed by American architects Perkins+Will and took three years to construct.

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