Nike to launch the most expensive sneakers to date

Sporting goods giant Nike is set to release its most expensive sneaker ever, the LeBron X, this fall.  The $315-a-pair athletic footwear is the tenth in a series of sneakers bearing MBA star LeBron James’ name. For comparison, its most recent descendant, the LeBron 9, only costs $170 a pair.

James first used the LeBron X during the 2012 gold medal basketball game between the United States and Spain at the London Olympics. The sneakers feature a golden swoosh on the sides and motion sensors that measure exactly how high the wearer jumps.

According to Nike spokesman Mary Remuzzi, the outrageous pricing of the sneakers is due to new innovation and product enhancement technology that were employed in producing the footwear.

Consumers have varied reactions. Nike fanatics who have the spare dollars to splurge are excited to get their hands on a pair.  However,  some consumers are miffed at the thought of selling a pair of sneakers at such an ostentatious price, when many people are still coping with the effects of a recession.

The backlash has reached the internet with some concerned sneaker fans posting messages on social networking websites and urging other aficionados not to buy the pricey LeBron shoes. Outraged consumers believe that Nike is going to keep increasing the prices if people continue to buy the overpriced sneakers.

As if to pacify the maddening crowd, Nike have responded by stating that a more affordable version of the  LeBron X will be available.  At $180 a pair, the downgraded version does not have the motion detector embedded in the sneaker.

Nike also issued a memo to all official Nike retailers to no longer pre-sell or take reservations for shoes and to ban midnight openings to avoid violent stampedes which has happened in previous midnight launches.

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