Marchi Mobile launches $3 million mobile home

Austrian luxury vehicle maker Marchi Mobile announces the latest addition to its mobile home line, the Elemment Palazzo. The 40′ long and incredibly spacious mobile mansion is packed with features and state of the art amenities that are not seen on your regular run of the mill campers and RVs.

Some of the impressive features of the Elemment Palazzo are the Master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, a fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge, and a couch area that turns into a stylish bar furniture with a simple push of a button. The interiors, done in luxurious leather, set a minimalistic but classy vibe punctuated by modern fixtures.

The Elemment Palazzo can reach speeds of 93 mph, and uses 20% less fuel than vehicles of comparable size due to its aerodynamic design. It’s completely customizable if you have more to spend above its $3 million price tag.

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