Jewel studded mushroom is world’s most expensive flash drive

Swiss jewelry maker La Maison Shawish launches mushroom-shaped flash drives that fetch as much as $36,900, making them the most pricey flash drives on the planet. The gadgets can store up to 32GB of data and are covered in diamonds and other precious gems, which explains their outrageous price tags.

The luxury USB flash drives, called Magic Mushroom, was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is supposed to bring back childhood memories. They come in a variety of colors and prices. The pink version, covered in pink sapphires and white diamonds, is the cheapest at $16,500.

A red version, studded with red rubies, retails for $24,400. But if you only settle for the highest-priced items, you might instantly fall in love with the green version, completely encrusted with emeralds, which can be yours for the insane price of $36,900!

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