Geneva-based luxury company unveils world’s most luxurious iPhone 5 collection

Swiss luxury company, Golden Dreams, releases the world’s most luxurious iPhone 5 collection using precious materials including alligator leather, diamonds and 24 karat gold. Each iPhone is finely hand-crafted by skilled artisans following the Swiss impeccable craftsmanship and precision, which made the most-sought-after mobile device even more high-end.

Golden Dream’s premium iPhone phone collection comes in three editions: the Desert Edition, Gold Edition and Diamond Edition.  The Desert Edition, also known as the first leather covered iPhone 5 in the market, uses genuine ‘Mississippi Alligator’ that gives the device’s back that distinctive look and feel. The leather also comes in a palette of black, orange, or white that suits every client’s preference, further redefining luxury and exclusivity.

To keep the iPhone5’s slim dimension, the Golden Dreams team actually re-engineered the entire back using cutting-edge Swiss Micro engineering. To give it a polishes finish, the client can either choose a 24 carat gold plated rim or black chrome rim.

The Gold Edition is actually a gold mirror and mobile device combined. It features a gold back that is so well-polished it lends a mirror-like reflection. It’s available in white or black with either 24ct or 120 gram gold plating.

The Diamond edition is for the high net-worth individual with a fetish for bling. This edition comes with sapphire, ruby and emerald combinations. The 4,057 diamonds sparkle around the rim of the iPhone 5 of your choice (black or white).  A gold and diamond or the exclusively diamonds iPhone 5 versions are also available.

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