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World’s Most Expensive Skateboard is Coated in Pure Gold

World's Most Expensive SkateboardA fully functional skateboard, electro-plated in gold, is currently the world’s most expensive skateboard, astonishingly priced at $15,000! The 31.5-inch long and 8-inch wide skateboard was designed by skateboarding fanatic Matthew Willet for the New York-based skateboard shop SHUT.

According to Willet, all components of the “Golden Skateboard” is 99.999 percent electro-plated. He added that it took him several trial and errors before completing the skateboard that is 80 percent heavier than the regular skateboard. He chose to keep his manufacturing process a secret. Read more

Most Expensive Toothbrush Retails at Over $4,000 a Piece

Reinast Toothbrush - Most expensive toothbrushDo you ever wonder what kind toothbrush the rich and famous use? Well, it has got to be the Reinast toothbrush, which is made from titanium and features a “special antibacterial protective layer which guards against germs.” At $4,272.96 a piece, it is dubbed as the most expensive toothbrush in market today.

However, don’t expect this luxurious toothbrush to have a high-tech oscillating motor for automatic brushing or a hands-free mechanism. Apart from being made from titanium, it looks like your ordinary grocery store toothbrush and still requires a little elbow grease to effectively clean your pearly whites. Read more

World’s most expensive pet accessory costs $3.2 million

Looking for something that will surely put sparkles on your beloved pooch’s eyes? You might want to consider I Love Dogs Diamonds’ special diamond encrusted dog collar. Amour Amour, from the I Love Dogs La Collection de Bijoux, is a 52-carat diamond collar featuring three tiers of diamonds in a chandelier design.

The collar, which is studded with 1,600 diamonds, can be on your pet’s precious neck for the special price of $3.2 million.

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Asian Yachts Get Million-Dollar Makeovers

A 45-year-old owner of an investment firm in Hong Kong recently bought a $4 million-plus super yacht from Spanish yacht builder Astondoa, and then spent nearly 15 percent of the cost on jazzing it up.

The owner outfitted his new 76-feet four-bedroom boat with a jacuzzi, a Ferrari driving seat and interiors designed by celebrity Italian architect Cristanto Gatto, according to brokerage Asia Boating, which conducted the deal.

“Asian clients are moving towards custom designing their boats, rather than buying designs from factories that make huge quantities of yachts every year,” says Baggy Sartape, general manager of the Hong Kong-based Asia Boating. “And they don’t like to hold back on spending.”

Asia’s yacht market, dominated by Chinese buyers, has been growing at a double-digit pace over the past few years; in 2010, sales of super yachts — boats 70 feet or longer — totaled more than $100 million, according to Hong Kong-based yacht dealer Simpson Marine.

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