Aesir introduces $60,000 mobile phone in solid gold

If you are super rich and doesn’t mind that your mobile phone can’t use apps, email, or mobile internet, as long as it is clad in 18-carat gold, you might want to take a look at Aesir’s AE+Y phone.

The limited edition mobile phone, which retails at a staggering 42,000 euros (that’s roughly $60,000), is just that, a mobile phone.  It doesn’t boast of other mind blowing features such as touch sceen, mobile internet, and HD cameras. All it can offer are speed dial, call forwarding, built-in calculator, and a 2″ LCD screen.

But what it lacked in function, it made up in form. According to the manufacturer, the edge-to-edge key design is a first in mobile handsets. Its barebones user interface was shaped by renowned designer Tom Hingston, and the phone’s unorthodox keypad is laser-engraved and features “advanced LED backlighting.”

If 18-karat gold does not look good on you, you might opt for the stainless steel version that costs a more down-to-earth price of $10,000. A real cool deal if you are super rich and does not want your mobile phone packed with high tech features.

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