Brad Pitt endorses Chanel's most expensive perfume

Brad Pitt is new spokesperson for C...

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was tapped by French fashion and fragrance house Chanel to be the spokesperson for the latest edition of its best selling sc...

Dolce & Gabbana dress

£32,000 Dolce & Gabbana Dress ...

A new breed of online shoppers has been born: the ones that are willing to part with huge sums of money for items that they have never tried on nor se...

Hermes Crocodile Tee

Most Expensive T-Shirt: Hermes̵...

French fashion house Hermes was recently blasted on the New York City-based blog, The Awl, for selling a T-shirt with a heart-attack inducing price ta...

Azature's Black Diamond Nail Polish

Azature’s Black Diamond ̵...

If you are looking for an over-the-top nail treatment, you might want to consider Azature's Black Diamond Nail Polish. With a price tag of $250,000 a ...

Most Expensive Toothbrush Retails at Over $4,000 a Piece

Reinast Toothbrush - Most expensive toothbrushDo you ever wonder what kind toothbrush the rich and famous use? Well, it has got to be the Reinast toothbrush, which is made from titanium and features a “special antibacterial protective layer which guards against germs.” At $4,272.96 a piece, it is dubbed as the most expensive toothbrush in market today.

However, don’t expect this luxurious toothbrush to have a high-tech oscillating motor for automatic brushing or a hands-free mechanism. Apart from being made from titanium, it looks like your ordinary grocery store toothbrush and still requires a little elbow grease to effectively clean your pearly whites. Read more


The World’s most expensive motorcycle is made from gold

Most expensive motorcycle by Tarhan TelliDon’t be fooled by its old and beaten up appearance. This motorcycle, built by wealthy Turkish motorbike aficionado Tarhan Telli, can be the most expensive motorcycle ever built. Telli has already approached the Guinness Book of World Records and is waiting if his one-of-a-kind moped qualifies as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. The MTT Turbine Superbike, which costs $185,000, currently holds the title.

The chopper boasts of a 1801cc RevTech V-Twin engine with 125 horsepower, a six-speed transmission and a 700-pound curb weight while the frame is said to made entirely from gold. But what makes it even more impressive is the great amount of artistry used to make it look run down and rusty, er rustic. Read more


World’s most expensive bottle of champagne costs £1.2 million

Goût de Diamants - Most expensive bottle of champagneLondon-based luxury champagne maker Goût de Diamants has created what the company calls the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world. Known for brewing fine champagnes sold at very exorbitant prices, the company outdid itself by creating the priciest bottle of its bubbly so far — carrying an outrageous price tag of £1.2 million!

The bottle of the effervescent drink was specially created for an undisclosed client and contains Goût de Diamants’ standard Brut Diamond champagne which is described as a fine blend of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier that offers a floral, refreshing and creamy texture and ends with a light and elegant finish. Read more


Elephant dung coffee is the most expensive brew in the world

Elephant dung coffee is the most expensive brew in the worldIf a cup of coffee from the neighborhood Starbucks is too ordinary for you, then you have to try Black Ivory Coffee. This brand of coffee, which originates from a remote mountainside in Thailand, is not only expensive at $50 per cup, it is also only served in some of the world’s most expensive hotels located in northern Thailand, the Maldives and Abu Dhabi.

Apart from its high price tag and exclusivity, what’s more interesting about this new brew is the process each coffee bean has to go through before it ends up in a cup. You see, Black Ivory Coffee came from elephant dung, very similar to Indonesia’s Kopi Luwak (civet coffee), another exorbitantly priced coffee “processed” by Asian Palm civet. Read more


Brad Pitt is new spokesperson for Chanel’s most expensive perfume

Brad Pitt endorses Chanel's most expensive perfumeHollywood actor Brad Pitt was tapped by French fashion and fragrance house Chanel to be the spokesperson for the latest edition of its best selling scent, Chanel No. 5. At $4,200 per 30-ounce bottle, the Grand Extrait edition of this iconic women’s scent is the most expensive perfume Chanel has ever come out with, trumping its previous 7.5-ounce version which costs $2100.

Dubbed as a bottle of the perfume in “its rarest, most collectible form,” the Grand Extrait contains the exact same formula of the classic Chanel No. 5 except that it is packaged in an exquisite and updated version of its faceted bottle, said to have been made using a combination of molds and the special handiwork of seasoned  glass-makers. The bottle is then placed in a “hand-assembled, artisan-crafted case,” a work of art in itself. Furthermore, the Grand Extrait comes in a very limited quantity, making it highly exclusive and quite collectible. Read more